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What an appropriate choice of tunes!

Markus Sandy

You look pretty stoked dude! Nice vid, much fun.


How did you shoot from five different angles while in the drivers seat? haha. very creative. You're a one-man production, Rawls.
What was that white thing you circled??

Scott Winn

Oh man. I used to have a red 911 and can totally relate to how much fun you were having.. just awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed that video!


Lish, I think that white thing was a giant bug going SPLAT.

Nice vid Jon-o. I would have prefered a shot of you driving OVER the camera instead of just beside it. Or maybe jumping over some exploding boxes or something.... :)

hilton Blackwell

dude, fanfreakintastic! You have the Phatest videoblogs ever. I have always wanted to see the autobahn. I wish you could have put a doghnut in there for good measure. Good times!


The sound of the engine is awesome.

It's nice to see somebody actually pushing one of those cars. I see so many fat old dudes driving slow in those cars all the time...


ya that was a bug goin splat.

thanks for the comments folks.

it was an awesome awesome day.


I just plugged your video over at Gadling. Great stuff, I loved it!


The last scene was the bestest. Very cool Jon...


Nice use of left hand shifting!


Is there a mirror for this? I tried the links above and the link at Gadling and they are all broken/not available.

I would love to see the video...


hey, I see your link is down, I can host it for about a hundred gigs of bandwidth if you need it, just email me with the video attached to I can upload it and give you a link to it


Funny, I was just saying to the wife as we tooled along in our 911 at triple digit speeds a couple of weeks ago that it would be nice to see if Budget (Sixt in Germany) still rents 911's so we wouldn't have to feel like such criminals for enjoying this car as it is meant to be. Thanks for the confirmation! BTW, we averaged 22 mpg over 1300 miles of hard driving. That's my idea of economy!

Ken Zawsum

Rented a boxter for my 25th birthday. Without a doubt the best gift one could ever receive. (on a budget) A 911 on the Autobahn.... well that's just taking it to the next level. You've definitely boost it on my 'to do' list. Thanks for the vid!

what was the piece playing in the background?

Erik Olsen

Jon, this is great. Fricken cool.


i drove a 928 red porsche in the eighties and graduated to a 355 spider in 2000 and
once drove in a car race from vancouver to whistler in don mattricks brand new lamborghini i still remember ever single detail of that ride

and PHT regularly hosts car rallys for people with super cars


there has to be some way to get you back to california

better come soon i am about to change cars again


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